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August 12, 2016 | Add a Comment

England: 13 Tracks on the Go

We’ve been in England 10 days and I still can’t get used to people driving on the wrong side of the street -- hence, my choice of the word ‘wrong’ instead of ‘other.’ We’ve recorded all the bass and drums for 13 songs and it sounds great. One thing we all agree on in this band is that the bass and drums (what we call the ‘groove’ of the song) are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to get locked and sounding good. They are the foundation of the song and can make the difference between a hit or a flop. We got 13 great foundations happening, so we're super excited. The next layer on the cake is guitars. We’ve moved from Studio 1, where Zeppelin recorded, to Studio 2, where Bob Marley recorded Kaya. Craziness! There are good vibes all the the place over here. We had our first day off yesterday and went to see Big Ben (it is, in fact, pretty effing big) and ate fish n chips. Total touristy stuff. It felt good to see another part of London, seeing as we’ve been spending 12 hours a day in the studio. The tracks are sounding great. Working with Stephen Hague is a total blessing. He really jumped into the band and speaks the lingo. He is totally on the same page and has become one of us. We’ve played with many musicians and it’s rare when you can speak the same language about something that is so elusive and personal as music, sound and composition. Stephen is really taking the songs and, without drastically changing them too much, making them better; taking them to the next level, which is what every songwriter hopes to find in a producer. I’m really proud of these songs. I can’t wait to share them with you... and you... and you. That’s right, ALL THREE OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS!!!!!!!! (hi mom! hi dad! hi crazy girl with cherry-red hair who dances front row at all our shows! i love you!) CowBella


7/7/2010 | Comments (0) | Add a Comment


We just arrived in England to record our 2nd album and play a number of shows. We are recording at SARM studios where Led fucking Zeppelin recorded, yo!! Our apartment is right across from the studio in a section of London called Notting Hill.... Keep reading


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He guys. So we will be playing our first busking act in a subway station at the Berri-Uqam stop this tuesday, March 2, at 4:00pm. The purpose is to raise money for War Child. It is a really good cause. We will be playing acoustic and basic... Keep reading


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