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The best musical films of all time

Many years ago the film stopped being mute, to become a more modern cinema and updated where we can find music in films making them even more attractive to both the eye of filmmakers like ear thereof.

The musical films are a film genre that was born in the United States and the films are characterized by fragments of famous choreographies. When movie musicals began were aiming to impress, without having much connection as to the narrative of it. But when they reached maturity, it was stylizing this genre link maintaining the history of film music.

The golden years of these musicals were at the time of the 30s, where black cinema films joined with this genre gaining acceptance from the public. After 70 years, this type of musical films remain successful. As in the case of all Disney films always carry a musical in its plot development or making it fit in interpretation.

In the case of these two movies High School Musical and CampRock that have been so famous and that the hearts of the audience were stolen, for his outstanding participation of music in movies and youth characters that are so striking.

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Best musical films

  1. Singing in the Rain: This film is considered one of the best in terms of music in film, due to its soundtrack and colorful pictures. Also they highlighted Gene Kelly scenes where it is seen dancing in the rain, remaining as a classic in the old cinema. This film was released in 1952, where he also appeared movies with sound.

  1. Dancer in the dark: starred Bjork and premiered in 2000 , this being the third in the trilogy of golden heart. The band involved was edited by Selmasongs and creating entirely by Bjork, an Irish singer. This genre uses musical fragments, when he kills his home and when about to serve the sentence in which he was sentenced to death.


  1. Cabaret: this film was released in 1972 under the direction of Bob Fosse. Counting with Michael York. Based on “Goodbye to Berlin” which was the winner of many awards.While it is true this film is no longer seen, but it has been stored in one of the movie files in the library located in the United States and putlocker .

  1. The Disney movies : all children ‘s films and not so children have in each of its plot a musical where it combines good musical taste with the colors and styles of their characters so characteristic according to the time.

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